Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've been a verrrrry busy girl...

Ok, so first up is the layout that I did for the My Little Shoebox sketch contest.  It's called, "I'm not just a nanny... (I'm a baby stylist)."  Man, that is a clever title if I do say so myself!  And you know I DO say so myself!  I made little debossed pinwheels and tabs. This is also for the challenge at Mission to Create, which was a challenge to include blue, parentheses (in my title), and pinwheels. I really like their unique challenges.  That MLS paper is much more blue in person, by the way.  I also submitted this to the open challenge at Sketches in Thyme.  OH, and the color scheme was inspired by a project at Lucky Girl Crafts

Nexxxxxxt is a layout that I made for the Cosmo Cricket blog challenge to scrap about your January.  Well, I typically hibernate after the fun of Christmas and New Year's passes, so that's what this layout is all about.  Notice I scrapped the terribly unflattering picture of Princess Creamy Kitty and me.  I'm surprised you can't see the drool on the pillow, which is almost definitely present!  This is also for the other Mission to Create challenge this month to use clear Stickles, snowflakes, and silver metal (brads).  Last, this is for the scraplift challenge at XOXO.  They are giving away a super-cute kit from Sweet Peach Crop Shoppe this month!  I scraplifted Lynnette Davis.

Here is the layout that I made for ACOT's January Contest.  It's called, "Dream of Wheat," and it's about my mother's transcendent Cream of Wheat.  I made homemade flowers for a challenge at Challenge Masters. I combined their sketch with the one provided for the January challenge at Pixie Dust Paperie.  I also submitted this to the open challenge at Sketches in Thyme.  Here is the sketch from Pixie Dust Paperie:

Moving on...

This layout is about my bestie, Stephanie.  It's for the challenge to create a friend-themed layout at The Paper Variety.  I used sketch 97 for the challenge at The Scrappiest.  I also did it for the challenge to journal something you remember at ACOT. 

This Halloween layout is for the Scraplift Challenge at XOXO (see details above about their giveaway this month!).  I scraplifted Khristen Foss's cool layout.  This is also for the stash challenge at Challenge Masters to use themed paper.

I used sketches from The Scrappiest on all three of these pages.  The first one ("Bathing Beauties") was done using Sketch 99, the second one ("Like a 12 Year-Old") was inspired by Sketch 98, and the third one down ("Riot) uses Sketch 100.   "Riot" was also done for the color challenge at Challenge Masters.

"Oh Scrappy (birth)Day" was done using the January 21 Sketch at Sassy Lil' Sketches.

This last layout (finally!) was done for the Sketch Contest at BlueMoon Scrapbooking.  I alsi submitted it to the open challenge at Sketches in Thyme.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Princess Creamy Kitty

This first layout is for 4 challenges.  First, it’s for the challenge to create a layout using at least 75% Fancy Pants products at Scrap Attack Scrapbooking.  I also combined sketches from The Paper Variety and Sketches in Thyme, pulling the elements I liked best from each sketch.  Last, this is for the challenge to fussy cut at Challenge Masters.  I cut these waves from patterned paper, and then I added stickles and rhinestone swirls.  If you'd like to see the journaling, visit my ACOT gallery

This layout is for a Friday Fun Day challenge at Lucky Girl Crafts.  I was inspired by the embellished banner, so I made my own.  I cut the little circles from patterned paper and then pop dotted them and added stickles.  I used my new favorite product – cute banner stickers from My Mind’s Eye.  This is also for the manufacturer challenge to use Creative Imaginations products at ACOT.

So anyway, I never really considered myself a cat person until I met my boyfriend’s cat.  It’s a boy cat, but I call her Princess.  Princess Creamy Kitty to be exact.  My boyfriend tells me that I act like a pageant mom around her.  I think that’s funny since he doesn’t even know half the story.  I have taken to creating hats for her out of my scrapbooking supplies while said boyfriend is at work.  I would take a picture to share, but I would need someone to hold her still at the same time.  I sing all sorts of songs to her in a very loud, high-pitched voice, and I’m not kidding when I say that I think she loves it.
This is us, madly in love on my boyfriend's tacky-assed couch. 

In other news, I am no longer anonymous on the Smack Center blog.  I never really say anything all that risqué, so I didn’t really have a reason to be anonymous anyway.  If anything, I would prefer people to associate my witty remarks with me and no one else. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Please don't hate me, PETA...

Here’s a simple little card I made with the Imaginisce scraps from my Maize Maze layout.  I used a sketch from Sketches in Thyme. 

Speaking of Imaginisce…  Have you seen their newest CHA release, the circus-themed Animal Crackers?  My friends, the line features a koala…with a top hat…  and a bowtie… and a MUSTACHE.  He is so cute he makes me want to bask in the malevolent, animal cruelty-infused spectacle that is the circus just so that I can use this themed line appropriately.  Ringling Brothers is coming to Philadelphia next month, and I just might go.  As I walk by all of the protesters, I might try to defend my choice to attend.  “But you guys!  Did you see that koala?!  He has a mustache!” 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I want people to fear me.

I don’t have any tattoos because I don’t want people to judge me.  If you are a man with a tattoo, people think you have criminal tendencies.  If you are a woman with a tattoo, people think you have hookerish tendencies.  I don’t make the rues, that’s just the way it is.  But sometimes, I think about getting a tattoo.  Not just any tattoo.  I want a prison tattoo on my face.  The teardrop kind.  The kind of tattoo that tells people that I have killed someone.  No, I haven’t killed anyone, but it would be nice for people to think that I have.  Living in Philadelphia is tough, and I bet people would stay away from me if they thought I was a cold-blooded killer.

Also, I was watching one of those shows about gangs on TV, and I learned that there is a gang called Sex, Money, Murda.  I want to be in THAT gang. They showed some of the gang members’ tattoos, and I told my boyfriend that I wanted one.  He went to art school, so he promised me that this summer, he would draw a REALLY big $.M.M. on my back with a sharpie to wear to the beach.  No one would see my back tattoo in the winter months.  I told him that that sounded fun, but I don’t want to start a gang war at Cape May.  But I am considering the teardrop tattoo. 

So anyway, I did this layout, Maize Maze, for a challenge at Design Dollies ( to freehand something on a layout.  I doodled lines, dots, and dotted lines all over this dude in brown ink, and I really think it adds a fun touch!  I also used autumn-themed papers for the challenge to use themed products at Challenge Masters.  Please enjoy the unncessary close-up photo!

For this layout, I was inspired by the cover of a Martha Stewart Living magazine as part of the advertisement challenge at Challenge Masters.  I used the color scheme and the blocked design.  I also included lyrics from the Playing for Change version of the song, “Stand by Me” for the challenge at Scrapping the Music (  When I saw the challenge a few days ago, I knew I HAD to do a layout about my bestie, Brittany.  She really has stood by me since I met her.  If you look really close, you can see that I used paper doilies as masks with pink glimmer mist.

You can see the journaling for these layouts in my ACOT gallery.,12672873,cid,,,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

REALLY?! You think THAT's cute?!

It's the time of year when CHA sneak peeks are released, and I am always perplexed by how many people in the scrapbook community rave about how much they LOOOOOOVE every stinkin' sneak peek from every single company.  I think to myself, "are we looking at the same paper, here?!" Nikki Sivils' Blueberry Hill line from last summer's release comes to mind.  I had a flashback to the year 1995 when I saw it.  And that was a bad year for me.  Think flannel shirts and Birkenstocks.  I looked like a lumberjacking lesbian.  I can say that because my sister is a lesbian.

So anyway, I know people have different tastes, but I also see alot of the stuff I dislike on clearance racks at AC Moore, which makes me think that other people don't like what I don't like, and they are playing nicey nice when they say they do like it.  I don't get this, but that could be because growing up, my mother never told me to "just be nice."  Instead, she told me things like, "Go pour this antifreeze in the woods" or "MSG kills people."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No one cares about your blog

So here I am... biting the bullet and starting a blog.  For purely selfish reasons, of course.  I need a place to post scrapbooking layouts for all of the gazillions of blog challenges that I have recently discovered.  I won the November pagemaps contest (see below), and I received a whole bunch of really cool crap from My Little Shoebox.  And as I repeatedly fondled my FREE stuff, I got to thinking...  Why don't I become a scrapbook challenge and contest whore?  I mean, if I'm going to create a layout anyway, I might as well enter a challenge at the same time.   I LOVE free stuff.  Hell, I got some buy one get one free Bandaids at Rite Aide yesterday, and you would have thought I had won the lottery.  Well, the scratch off ticket kind of lottery, not the power ball, but I digress...  

I guess I should explain my blog name, although I think it's pretty straight-forward.  I get really irritated when women criticize their own scrapbooking.  Because damn, I think my scrapbooking is the BEST!  No one can tell my stories like I can, and my layouts are FUNNNNNY!  I scrapbook for me.

And as someone who owns a t-shirt that says, "No one cares about your blog," I am not delusional enough to think that anyone will care about what I post here.  But hey, if I make someone laugh or scratch their head in confusion, that would be pretty cool. 

Now, I'm off to figure out how to make this blog look less assy.

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