Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holy Cheap Crap, Batman! Studio G stuff at Wal-Mart

Let me begin by saying that I love Wal-Mart.  And I love it in a completely unironic way.  Everyone I know would rather have potato chip crumbs sprinkled in their eyes than step foot in one either because they take issue with Wal-Mart's business practices or because they just don't like cheap crap.  I, on the other hand, love the fact that I can stop in a Wal-Mart and pick up a brand new pair of jeans for $9.97, which is exactly what I did yesterday.  I also love the sterile feeling and florescent lighting in Wal-marts.  I like the antiseptic, institutional ambiance.  It's like they know that I'm there for the cheap crap, so they don't have to try fanangle me by playing good music or covering their walls with mosaics made of sea kelp and dog hair.  By doing so, I feel like they respect my intelligence.  So all the cool kids can have their over-priced Anthropologies or their high-end department stores.

That being said, I have NEVER found anything in the crafting sections of Wal-Mart worth spending my pennies on until yesterday.  I mean, my Philadelphia Wal-Mart's scrapbooking section typically consists of Sticko branded foiled beach stickers and gluesticks.  So it turns out that they are now selling Studio G stuff.  You may know Studio G from AC Moore and Michael's.  They're the people who make those (sometimes) cute $1 acrylic stamp sets and blocks and glitter glue, along with an occasional ink pad.  Walmart was selling 2 lines of their stuff.  First, they had a florally, multi-purpose sort of line that I wasn't that crazy about.  It wasn't bad, it just looked a bit old-fashioned and cheap to me, but I'm a supply snob.  Then they had an adorable Halloween line!  Here's what I got:

And all of this stuff was just 97 cents each, even the paper pack.  And I think those little characters are really cute!  Did you see the trick or treat chipboard banner?  Very trendy!  They also had tons of those acrylic stamps you can get at AC Moore, inks, bling, stickers, chipboard letters, and little punches.  Has anyone else seen this stuff in their Wal-Mart?  I wonder if any other lines will be coming out.

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