Saturday, February 19, 2011

My valentine for Mr. Buzzkill

I made this valentine for my boyfriend, even though he can be a huge buzzkill of chlamydia proportions.  I don't understand why he gets mad at me when I feed Princess Creamy Kitty pizza.  She likes it, but according to him it's going to "kill him."  What a histrionic drama king!  In all seriousness, he is a wonderful boyfriend who deserves much more than this valentine, as cute as it is.

So this little Valentine is for the Bo Bunny Blog's Card Challenge Tuesday.  The challenge is to create a card using candy!  I used all Bo Bunny papers, and I filled it with chocolate-covered peanuts, hence the "I'm nuts about you" sentiment and fussy-cut squirrel.  I put a little love note into the envelope.  Pretttttty cute!  It's also for the Design Dollies challenge to create a love-themed project.


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