Sunday, February 27, 2011

Biscuits and Childhood Halloween Trauma

I went cropping this weekend and got a bunch stuff done!  This first one is about how I call my boyfriend "Biscuit," and how that fact is slowly driving him mad.  Seriously, "biscuit" is the single most adorable word in the English language.  Plus, he has some great biscuits!  I call ass cheeks biscuits, and you should, too.

I made this for the Mission to Create challenge.  I used clouds, the provided sketch, a ticket, a sanded photo, and a mode of transportation (bicycles).  I also scraplifted Lisa Keep's layout at Scrap Jacked.  Last, it's for the challenge at Kraft it Up to use a kraft background with orange, black, and light blue. I pop-dotted the clouds, which I cut from MME paper, and I added some yellow Smooch Spritz to the kraft background.  I really wish Smooch was cheaper because I'd have every color they make if it was!

This one is about how my scrapbooking friend, Sandi made me the cutest paper crown to wear for my birthday!  She's my surrogate grandma.  It's for the challenge at ScrapFIT to use a color scheme of green, yellow, orange, red, and white.  I used a sketch from The Scrappiest.  I stickled the border and the gifts, which I cut from paper and pop-dotted.  I've been on a pop-dotting kick lately, as you will see...

This layout is called Evergreen Sombrero, which is what the wreath that my boyfriend insisted on wearing on his head during Christmastime looked like.  It's a funny little layout.  I pop-dotted the Basic Grey stickers and pleated burlap to mimic the fruit basket for ACOT crop challenge 3.  I think the goofy snowman sticker is the perfect embellishment for a page about making a noose out of Christmas lights!  I combined sketches from The Scrappiest, Creative Scrappers, and Punky Scraps

This is for ACOT crop challenge 11.  I used a sketch from Creative Scrappers.  I punched some of the little kiddies out using a circle punch and then pop-dotted them.  This layout is called, "Halloweens from Hell," and it's about how my mother could never design/buy/plan a decent costume for us if her life depended on it.  Look at the photo and you'll see my sister wearing her soccer uniform.  She guessed it... a soccer player for Halloween!  My mother didn't even try to come up with a costume for me, so my older sister made one out of an old leopard-print shirt.  She removed the shoulder pads and glued them to a hat to make ears.  As sad as that costume was, my sister gets props for her creativity!  Another year, my mother pinned laundry bags to our shirts for Halloween costumes.  When we were little, Lonna and I had these animal laundry bags.  I searched the web, but I wasn't able to find anything like them.  Imagine a standard laundry bag with a stuffed animal head, feet, and hands attached to it.  Well, she pinned those to our shirts, and I was a "hippo," and Lonna was a "lion."  It was a sad state of affairs.  And I can't forget the time that my mother had us wear our Asian-style pajamas and gorilla masks as costumes.  I have no idea what the hell we were supposed to be, but my mother still remembers the post-Halloween nightmare that I endured like it was yesterday... You see, the gorilla mask got stuck on my head, and being the 5 year-old drama queen that I was, I shrieked, "HELP!  HELP! You're killing me!  You're killing me!" as my mother attempted to jerk the mask off of my tiny head.  She says those were my exact words.


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