Monday, January 2, 2012

Smashy Smashy!

"Smashy smashy!" is what my sister always says before she cuddles someone...  Since arriving home from Texas 2 days ago, I've been missing my family.  But if you tell them I told you that, I will hunt you down and throw acid on your scrapbooks.

This Smashbook page is special to me because of the journaling.  It's all about learning to be happy by myself and being confident enough to go places alone.  It's very "real."  I sort of hate that word when it's used as a synonym for "genuine," but after this page, I can see the value in using it.  I think the photo I included reflects the feeling I was trying to communicate perfectly.

 This spread is all over the place.  It includes the first photo I took using the Instax camera I got on ebay for $50!  I discuss my love of my friend, Old Paul and my favorite Philly eateries.  My favorite part of this page is the koala sketch done by New Paul.  He included the caption, "Hi Leslie!!  My toots smell like eucalyptus!"  HA!  Koala + Fart Joke = Ridiculously Cool.  It's been proven by mathematicians at Princeton.  Lots of fun memorabillia on this one.  Speaking of memorabilia, I need to do a layout about the funny way my mother says "memrabeeeya" and other words. 
This one just tells the story of the strangest crops ever...  I stuck some packaging from the supplies I bought that day on the page with washi tape.  I also misted a bit just for kicks.

I had tons of memorabillia from my trip to Niagra Falls, so this page was a good place for all of it.  I used a Smash pocket for all of the post cards I picked up.  I used some Smash Pad pages for prompts, too.


Sarah said...

I love what you're smashing! I have a naked mini one I need to bust out and do something with. :)

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