Sunday, January 1, 2012

Smash Bookin' up in here

Although I haven't been blogging lately, it seems I've been quite the productive scrapbooker these days!  In fact, I've been smashbooking like crazy.  I really like this form of memory keeping.  Unlike scrapbooking, I don't really worry about telling a complete story.  If I don't have pictures, it doesn't matter.  If my pages don't have proper balance or my elements aren't grounded, well, I don't really care.  It's fun. 

This first page is simply about all kinds of stuff I like.  You see a pic of Caroline, a koala a friend cut for me with her cricut, a sale tag from H&M, and all kind of other stuf.  Just for fun, I colored the little doodled bird and the "I like this" bubbles with prisma pencils.  I also used an Amy Tangerine clip.  I love her clips; they're perfect for smashing.  I like how I am able to include all sorts of scrapbooking supplies on my Smash layouts that I like but would not ordinarily put on a regular layout.  I would have a hard time using that vintage cherry card from October Afternoon on a page.  I also love the Smash Pads with their fun prompts and cute icons!

This one is all about my Ikea love.  Yep, Ikea makes cheap crap, but I love it!  You may be picking splinters of wood from your butt for weeks after your dining room chair collapses from underneath you, but at least your room looks cute!  I added pictures from their catalog, labels, and tags.  Besides my love of Ikea design, I also journaled about my love of their instituional, cafeteria-style food.  I don't know why I like their food so much.  I think it reminds me of the food I ate at school as a kid.  Seeing as I was a participant in government provided free lunch programs throughout my childhood, I am perhaps mentally transported to the days when I gorged myself on mashed potatoes that had been not-so-lovingly slopped onto a tray by a beast of a woman donning a hairnet.  

This one is just a page full of black and white stuff that I had fun sticking together.  I used stuff torn from design books and clipped from Studio Calico coupons.  My pages are always colorful, so this was an adventurous departure from my typical style.  I was inspired by the fun animal doodles gracing the page.
I had fun using all sorts of stickers and die-cuts that I would have a difficult time using on my scrapbook layouts here.  I added some labels and tags torn from Christmas gifts this year. I journaled about gift-giving in my family and documented my lists this year. I love how this looks like just random crap jumbled on a page. 

Smashbooks remind me of the first scrapbook I got when I was in the 6th grade.  I thoughtlessly plastered its pages with anything I fancied, saving every little note that was passed to me in class and every receipt from every punk rock band tee I bought during the "I'm a bad girl" phase of my life.  Kind of funny that as hard as I wanted to rebel, I still scrapbooked...  I laugh thinking about my 13 year-old self begging my mama to let me get piercings and dye my hair blue pasting the handmade valentines my grandma made me into a scrapbook.

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