Sunday, June 26, 2011

I got a red Smash Book! (Yes, I bought into the hype)

So when I first heard of these, I thought they seemed sort of dumb.  I thought they were regular notebooks that came with a pen.  Then, I saw them at my LSS, and I sort of fell in love...  (Here is link to the Smash blog if you want to find out more).  Part of me is super-inpired, and the other part of me feels sort of like it's "cheating" because the pages have doodles and sayings and artwork that were NOT created by yours truly.  Rather, they were produced by some corporate drone at K & Company who probably ran a gazillion focus groups to figure out what those doodles and sayings and artwork should look like in order to appeal to the biggest, most lucrative, market.  But I suppose I buy prima  flowers and die-cuts and other pre-made embellishments for my scrapbooks, so I guess I shouldn't feel that bothered.  But then again, I want this book to be super-personal and all ME...  However, the bottom line is that I like being inspired to preserve memories, and at this point, I'm very inspired by this cute book.  My mind is like an oscillating fan, I tell you...  A very fast oscillating fan. 

So anyway, I wanted to share some pictures of the book I bought (the red, "doodle"-themed one).  I know alot of people are trying to decide which book to get (or whether they even want a book to begin with)without seeing them in person, so I hope this helps. 

First, here is me with my new Smashfolio.  Notice it's upside down in the picture because I was trying to hurry and take all of these photos in Rittenhouse Park, and I didn't want people to think I was unbalaced, like a very small but significant portion of the people who loiter there.  It's also a mirror-image because I used my camera's front-facing camera.  So basically, if you turn this picture upside down and then stand in front of a mirror, you will see what a Smash book looks like!

Next, here are the pages.  Yes, I photographed alllll of them.  I'm such a helper!  The last photo is of the large Smash pockets.

Here are pictures of the Smash pads.  I didn't photograph all the pages this time!

Last, here are the small Smash pockets.


Theresa said...

Hi Leslie.. I love all your detailed pictures, even the one of the upside down book.. =) I bought into the hype too and have the red smash book. already smashed a few things inside. it is fun for all those little things that you think you might scrap and end up in a box.. so much fun. I'm always looking to snag a bit of memorabilia now to smash.
Have fun with it.

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